Battery/ Storage capacity/ Wifi



The Panono 360 Camera 16k allows you to store around 400 panoramas and has an internal memory capacity of 16 GB.



The battery lasts for around 100 normal '360 photos', or around 30 HDRs.

One full recharge takes around 100 minutes, when the camera is fully drained.

All three sections of the power LED will constantly blink white, when the camera is fully recharged.

Physically accessing battery or memory chip is not possible.


Wifi range

The Wi-Fi range depends on the surroundings. Outdoors, it has a range up to 60 meters; indoors this may vary.

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    Melnikov Boris

    I can simultaneously charge the camera and shoot?

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    Melnikov Boris

    Do you have a plan to make a handle with an extra battery and a slot for memory cards

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    Panono Team

    Hi Boris,

    Thank you for your questions.

    1) You can shoot and recharge at the same time. This might result in an overheating of the camera. The camera will stop to recharge, once it becomes to hot. You will be able to continue to take images.

    2) It will not be able to open the Panono. Unfortunately, this will prevent users from changing battery or memory cards.

    Kind regards,

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    Marcel Jong

    I believe it is not possible to see the available battery power on the device or (beta) app at the moment. This would be a very nice feature for the app.

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